After we have migrated your web site/database files and setup your email accounts on our systems, our migration specialists will contact you and make sure that you setup your email client on your desktop or mobile devices to be able to check your email on our systems.

Nothing will change with your email until we are able to make sure you know how to check your email on our systems.  Once that has been completed for you and your users, we can move to the final steps of the migration.

Mailbox Sync

After you have completed the migration of your web site and email services to Intertune by conducting the DNS Migration, we will send each mailbox user a secure link and if they need to sync their old mail from Modwest to their Intertune mailbox, they will be able to do so.

If you or your users have already downloaded the messages from Modwest via POP3 in the past and you have access to all your old email already, then you won't really need to do the mailbox sync.  If you had used IMAP to get your email from Modwest, chances are you would need to synchronize the old email to our systems - just to make sure you don't lose any old messages.